The Ultimate Success Habit Creation Program
Create The Unbreakable Habits of Success that Will Transform 
Your Business and Your Life.
The Most Powerful Force in Your Life Is Your Habits. When You Change Your Habits, You Will Change Your Life. Master The Law of Cosmic Habit Force.  
Let The Force Be With You.  
Here's What 66 Days of Transformation Will Give You:
 CLARITY - Figure Out What You Really Want and The Specific Habits You Need to Create to Get There.
 COMPLETE GAME PLAN - A Personalized, Step-by-Step Road Map to Follow at Your Own Pace to Create Powerful Habits.
 SUCCESS MARKERS - Gamify Your Growth by Tracking Your Daily Activities and Keeping Score on Your Wins. 
 DAILY MOTIVATION - Daily Guidance with Inspirational and Educational Videos from Kevin to Help You Move Forward.
 SUPPORT - Ability to Ask Questions and Get Online Coaching from Kevin Ward on Your Habits.
 ACCOUNTABILITY - Each Day Kevin Will Send You Reminders to Make Sure You Are Staying On Track.
 RESULTS - As You Follow the Protocol, You Will Create Powerful Habits that Will Dramatically Alter the Trajectory of Your Success.
 And So Much More...
  • Phase Zero: PREPARATION (2-7 Days) - This is the essential strategy and planning period before the 66 days begins. You will choose your 66-Day Theme, set your commitments, and create your plan. 
  • Phase One: TAKE-OFF (21 Days) - This Is the exciting launch period where your commitment and determination are usually the strongest. It's also where you can get blind-sided by all kinds of obstacles and resistance. The old habits are still very much alive and ready to pull you back down. We'll help you stay strong and focused. 
  • Phase Two: TURBULENCE (24 Days) - This is where it gets messy. The newness has worn off and the excitement is long gone. Storms hit. Life happens. Sh*t hits the fan. It happens to everyone. At some point it will happen to you. All the momentum comes to a screeching halt. This is where greatness is born. This is why you started. Get back up. Stay with The Program...because what happens next will make it all worth while. 
  • Phase Three: SOARING (21 Days) - This is the pay-off. Stay focused and vigilant. The work isn't done yet. The obstacles and resistance are still there, but now you are stronger. The power of what Napoleon Hill called "The Law of Cosmic Habit Force" is beginning to work for you. Something unbreakable is forming in your life that was not there before. It's beautiful. It's unstoppable. Soon it will be automatic. You are becoming a more powerful person. 
"It became automatic!"
Grand Rapids, MI
"It's a routine now! My automaticity has kicked in. If I had not done the 66 Days of Transformation, I would not have had the success. So automaticity is an amazing thing! It's just like brushing your teeth in the morning, just like anything I do. It's just automatic, and I love that. It's an amazing program and I will continue to use it.
"I have lost 18 pounds!"
Lakewood, CA
"Yes, I did complete the 66 Days of Transformation and found it very rewarding. I had just had a physical with my doctor and he let me know that I was bordering on being pre-diabetic. He said he would give me an opportunity to change things and if I didn't he would have to recommend me going on medication. For that reason during the transformation I focused on diet and exercise. The two main things I focused on were eating a fruit salad and riding my bike for 66 days in a row. It absolutely became a habit. To date I have lost 18 pounds and I'm still riding and eating fruit salads daily! I still have some more work to do, but I'm confident things will look better when I get more blood work done in November. Thank you for my 66 Days of Transformation!"
"My morning routine was transformed!"
Grand Rapids, MI
"The 66 Days of Transformation was exactly that!! Transformational! I looked forward to that time every morning and I learned more than I could have imagined! I have maintained my morning routine for 9 months now and it is incredible what it has done for me personally and professionally! Thank you, Kevin, for providing this series!"
Take Control of Your Future & Equip Yourself for Success Today!

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 Will this help me break bad habits as well as create new habits?
Of course! Whenever you break a bad habit (eliminate a belief or a behavior), it tends to leave a vacuum in your life, so the key is to replace it with a new, positive habit. This program will walk you step by step through how to do it.
What if I can’t start right now or have time conflicts over the next 66 days?
No problem. The course allows you to start whenever you are ready and proceed at your own pace. The program is rolled out for you with new daily training and motivational videos release to you weekly. However, once video access is given, you have lifetime access to all of them. If you ever feel like you need to start over, you can.
 Will I have access to the program and videos after 66 days?
Yes. You will have lifetime access to the entire course. In fact, the program is designed to be repeated as many times as needed to create more great habits as you move forward.
How many new habits can I realistically create in 66 days?
There is no set limit. However, it is also unlikely that anyone can completely change every habit they currently have or create every habit they want in just 66 days. Our experience is that you focus on two or three key habits that will have the greatest impact.
 I've heard it takes 21 days to create a habit. Why are you saying it is 66 days?
Great question! 21 days is approximately the time required for a new behavior pattern to be created (i.e. for something to feel normal). However, just because you have created a new pattern, does not mean that pattern is strong enough to sustain itself without will-power or focused effort, meaning the new habit could be easily broken.
Based on all the latest research in neuro-science and studies of high achievers, 66 days is the average length of time required for most people to hardwire a new behavior pattern to the point of “automaticity.” Automaticity is the point where it becomes harder NOT to do the habit than it is to do it. In other words, the point where will-power is typically no long required. Keep in mind that 66 days is an average based on extensive research, not a perfect magic number.
Will this help me develop more discipline and will-power?
Absolutely, yes! The good news is that serious will-power is only required during the period while the habit is being created and hardwired. Studies have shown that the most disciplined top achievers in the world don't really have more will-power than the rest of us. They simply have developed better rituals and habits. Success builds on itself. With every positive new habit you create, your sense of discipline and self-control and confidence gets stronger
What if this program doesn’t work for me?
Great question! This program will not do the work for you any more than a personal trainer can do your pushups for you. This program will give you the step-by-step process to follow that will make it simple, and the support and daily encouragement to stay true to your commitment. It still requires you to have enough personal responsibility and initiative to take action. 
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